Bridal Makeup Consultation Overview

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement and thank you considering me for your big day!

I know there is a lot to think about and no doubt you are eager to get all your favorite suppliers booked.

So let me give you a quick overview of who I am and how it all works.

Raw Bridal Makeup Artist – so that’s me! I am an exclusive makeup artist based in Bristol and beyond.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most beautiful wedding venues all over the UK from Tunnels Beach and Kingston Estate to Babington House, Elmore Court to more local Priston Mill in Bath and Mansion House in Clifton.

Many brides are often unsure what kind of style and makeup they want, so don’t worry, I can help you with this part, this is what trials are for!

With over 14 years in the industry I have built on my knowledge to know the perfect makeup to enhance your features, style and most importantly ensure your makeup lasts. 

I get a kick out of watching all my brides quite literally grow with confidence. Enhancing natural beauty is so personal and individual. Understanding what makes you feel beautiful, but still feel yourself is so important to me.

Feeling beautiful can be perceived as a little mascara to full set of individual lashes, a little eye liner to a full smokey eye, full coverage to a little BB cream, your bridal look is completely tailored to you. 

On your big day you will find me making sure you and the whole bridal party is comfortable, making touch ups in between your dress reveal photos and meeting the registrar.

I am on hand should you need me right into the day/evening if you require this, availability and quote should be requested upon your booking.

How we see beauty is individual. I LOVE working with all faces and understanding what makes you feel like you. My first real makeup job (over 14 years ago) was working for Dior on their makeup counter, after several years of daily makeups I gained a wealth of knowledge understanding skincare and the approach to different ages and skin tones.

I never go with a cookie cutter approach; every bride is individual no matter what is on ‘trend’ or eye shadow colour I know would make your eye POP.

Once you have secured your date, I will send you all my tips and tricks to help you prepare your skin. 

I also love to see your ideas and mood boards ahead of our face to face consultation.

I highly recommend checking out more candid red carpet looks over Instagram as they can be heavily filtered and edited. Look for a celeb who’s style you love and is similar to you. Looks are great but it’s good to filter down, for example the shape of the liner or the depth of the shadow so that I can adapt the look to fit you. 

How to prepare for your makeup consultation and wedding day!

You may wish to have your trial before some of the finer details have been confirmed, which is completely fine! Once your details are finalised I am more than happy to arrange another trial to tie everything together.

Before setting a trial date it would be great if these elements have been chosen:

 Wedding date:  I only offer makeup consultations to brides who have secured their date. The time of year plays a huge role, a summer wedding where there is more natural light so even light makeup can feel enough compared to  winter where you may decided to have deeper tones where natural light isn’t around for long.  

Venue: Maybe an outside wedding on a cliff, a barn or a manor house.. the lighting for all will be different.

The venue will give a clear indication of the style of your wedding, which helps to tie in your whole look.

(I will need to be able to calculate your bespoke timings to ensure the morning runs smoothly, also the location could affect if I need an additional assistant).

Your wedding dress: The detail or simplicity within your dress is considered. There are so many beautiful dresses to choose from, when creating your makeup look we will ensure there is balance and it compliments it well.  It would be helpful to bring a photo of your dress so I know what style and if you are changing your dress in the evening?

Your colour scheme: Once you have chosen your colour theme, from your flowers, bridesmaids and decor I will then ensure the look we go for doesn’t get lost especially if it’s a deep rich colour, to ensure everything ties in nicely together.

Some answers to common questions:

Where will the makeup consultation be held? Trials are held at my home studio, based in Bristol. The space has lots of natural light to ensure we choose the best colours and tones to match you perfectly. 

When should I book my makeup consultation? It’s recommended to have your trial the same season as your wedding, approx 2-6 months  before your wedding date. 

What do I need to bring/ wear? If you have your wedding  jewellery, please bring it along so you can see the full look.

I ask every bride to wear (but not essential so please do not worry if you don’t have anything fitting) a white or light coloured garment, ideally with similar neckline – this helps you see the makeup next to a similar colour and look.

Tone and colour makes a huge difference, whether your dress is ivory, white, champagne, blush or a funky ‘alternative’ to the traditional colour take note, this makes all the difference to the tones in the makeup.

Makeup style can look hugely different on different skin tones. If you are planning on having a tan of any sort on your wedding day please ensure this is done for your trial. If you are having your trial out of your wedding season e.g. in the winter months but have a summer wedding, try a soft tan or gradual tinted moisturiser to give you that summer glow.

I ask for inspiration photos ideally ahead of your face to face consultation/ trial, please have at least 3 images that we can discuss. Take note of your favourite lip colours and which foundation you use (if any)

Please arrive with no makeup on if you are a makeup wearer.

Ahead of your trial I also require an image of your every day makeup and you in your full glam, so I can get an idea of what you like to wear for a special occasion.

Do I need to do any skin prep? Your skin is the canvas to your makeup!

Get to grips with the basics before your trial, please cleanse  your face and wash off with a flannel, this will ensure a smooth base for makeup application. Don’t cleanse in the shower (if you take hot ones the water is too hot) use lukewarm water.

Putting the work in before your wedding will allow your skin to glow from within, looking flawless and smooth. Just like you sow seeds months before they grow, you can’t expect great results if you don’t allow time. Having facials leading up to the wedding is also a great way to intensify your results. I highly recommend Hydra- facials but of course, check with your local practitioner to see what is best for your concerns. 

Ensure you are nailing your skin prep but don’t try anything too close to your big day to prevent skin reactions. I would advise minimum 6 months but 12 months to get the best results. See how your skin reacts to active facials and then work your way back from your wedding date, you want your skin to looks its best for the key date!

If you haven’t had an active facial before you need to be trying this way before, so if you are thinking about having a course I would be booking this in way ahead. 

In your every day skincare routine, I know it’s tempting but only swap out one new product at a time, so you can identify which product is causing any potential breakout/ reactions. Prevent your skin from being overwhelmed and irritated. 

Often I see clients mistaking dehydration for oiliness, using the wrong products and not hydrating your skin enough can cause your skin to produce more (low quality) oil and increase breakouts. 

Counter intuitive, but most hair and skin supplements often contain B12 and biotin which is known to cause breakouts and acne prone skin. 

Skin supplements are great if you want to up your skin game, feed your skin from within, I love Advanced Nutrition programme. key to great skin is having a healthy, happy gut but don’t try a whole new routine just before your big event! Safe option, reduce caffeine and increase water intake and at home gusha facials!

Reducing alcohol and sugar will help reduce puffiness, breakouts and inflammation, have a facial ice bath or frozen cucumber on the morning to help reduce puffiness (better still pop some tea spoons in the freezer) or have some under eye patches to hand!

My background, having managed a skincare house across the UK, I will share my best tips and tricks during your consultation.

Read more about preparing for your makeup trial from my feature in Salt and Scent linked here!